Nomads Experience

Redefine the concept of a hostel, from a cheap bed to a whole travel experience.
It was an incredibly fulfilling project that allowed me to create and direct the company's visual identity. I oversaw the visual representation of the brand, from its early beginnings with only one location and 30 beds, to its growth into five locations, with over 300 beds, four restaurants, and a coffee shop. Through my work, I helped to establish a unique identity that captured the company's exceptional approach to hospitality.

Creative Direction
Photo Retouching
Graphic Design
Web Design
Video Editing

I work with photographers to direct the visual language of the brand in social media, edit and retouch all the photos to keep the vibe of the brand easily recognizable.

As part of the guest experience, I helped to connect every aspect of their stay, from booking on our own website to utilizing a custom app to redeem promotions, access amenities, and stay informed about parties and events. By creating a seamless and intuitive user experience across all touchpoints, I was able to enhance the overall guest experience and make it easy for them to navigate and enjoy all that nomads experience had to offer. My contributions helped to establish the brand as a leader in hospitality, becoming the #1 locations on Trip Advisor.

I led a team of talented artists and illustrators to produce unique, customized pieces for key events. Not only did I oversee the production process, but I also actively participated in conceptualizing the artwork, going beyond mere designs to fully integrate the brand language into the overall nomads experience. To enhance engagement and create memorable experiences, I leveraged my creativity to design captivating murals and photo opportunities that reflected the brand's vision and resonated with its audience.

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